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[OK I started that 5-10 years ago(about)on weedy clay pan soil near Hurdman Station,I think the first thing I grew was some kind of lavender ,which had naturalized nearby.So clearing the soil and planting a few clumps did well,it spread and did not need too much weeding.In the following years I added lemon balm(very successful),chocolate mint,oregano,anise hyssop,wild four o'clocks and wild teasel(spectacular}, figwort and potatoes successfully and any number of others which didn't do so well. This was done in a semi secluded location and was seldom visited by anyone.A few years ago I decided to try planting in the open near a bike path along with the anise hyssop,figwort and comfrey I planted,snakeroot ,wild cucumber and jewelweed volunteered.If you remember the pictures of black currant I posted they grow just a short distance away along with early rue,bloodroot and yellow loosetrife,right in the heart of the city!I have a lot of pictures ,I'll try to get them organized and send them along.,-75.6678592,17z